A new law for personal status and divorce documentation project

Egypt's personal status laws are witnessing significant developments through the introduction of a new law aimed at achieving a balance between the rights of men and women. The new law is currently subject to public dialogue before being presented to the Cabinet for approval and subsequently to the Parliament for ratification.

One of the key objectives of the new law is to reduce the high divorce rates that Egypt has witnessed in recent years. The law seeks to formalize divorce and disallow oral divorce, contributing to family stability. Additionally, wives will be entitled to a share of the husband's earnings during the marriage, recognizing their role and contributions to the household income. The law is in alignment with Islamic Sharia, enhancing its credibility and acceptance within the society.

Personal status laws are among the most important laws in any country as they regulate individuals' relationships concerning matters of lineage and marriage. Egypt's current personal status law dates back to 1920 and has undergone amendments at various points, making it necessary to update and align it with modern social and legal developments.

It is important that the new personal status law is effectively implemented following all necessary procedures. It is expected that this law will achieve a better balance between the rights of men and women in Egypt, contributing to family stability and, consequently, societal well-being as a whole.

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