Yahya Hamdallah & Partners Law Firm and Legal Consultations specializes in the field of legal and corporate issues

We provide our high-quality and diverse legal services to our clients, with the aim of preserving their rights and meeting their legal needs with the utmost professionalism. In the Cases Department, we have extensive experience in the fields of misdemeanors, felonies, civil and administrative cases, and family matters. Our team includes distinguished lawyers who have the necessary skills and experience to handle all types of cases and effectively represent our clients before the courts of first instance, courts of appeal and the Court of Cassation. We strive to provide comprehensive legal advice and strong legal representation to our clients, as we attach great importance to protecting their rights and interests.

In the Corporate Department, we provide comprehensive services to support our clients in all aspects of companies. We establish companies with high efficiency and professionalism, whether for individuals or investment projects. We provide advice and support regarding capital, expertise and investments and help our clients establish limited liability companies and joint stock companies. In addition, our expertise qualifies us to integrate companies to unify efforts and enhance the sustainable success of companies. We also have a specialized accounting department that manages budgets, financial statements and taxes for companies. We attach great importance to detail and accuracy in providing professional financial services to our clients, in order to ensure compliance with financial laws and achieve corporate financial sustainability. We consider communication and close cooperation with our customers to be one of the highest priorities. We strive to accurately understand our clients' needs, and provide the appropriate legal solutions and financial advice to achieve their goals.

Legal advice

Why should you get legal advice when it comes to starting a business, investment, etc.
Seeking legal advice is essential to successfully running your business and ensuring that it complies with all legal and ethical obligations in your jurisdiction.
There are times when you may need to look for a legal consulting site that is distinguished by its professional competence and extensive experience in providing advice on contracts, real estate, administrative matters, debts, labor laws, insurance, property licenses, registration, etc. You may also need to better understand any disputes or legal issues you may face, and thus have the ability to resolve them professionally, which you can obtain immediately by contacting the Yehia Hamdalla & partners law firm Law Office. What is the concept of legal advice and its importance, and how is it provided?

In the Litigation Department, we have extensive experience in various legal fields such as criminal law, civil law, family law, property law, and ownership laws.

Our team comprises distinguished lawyers with the necessary skills and experience to handle all types of cases and effectively represent our clients in court.

We strive to provide comprehensive legal consultation and strong legal representation for our clients, placing great importance on protecting their rights and interests.

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We consider close communication and collaboration with our clients to be of the highest priority. We work diligently to accurately understand our clients' needs and provide appropriate legal and financial solutions to help them achieve their goals.





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