The steps and procedures for establishing companies and entities

The steps and procedures for establishing companies and entities in accordance with Investment Law No. 72 of 2017 and Law No. 159 of 1981 are as follows:

The client withdraws a number that specifies their role, and the specialized attorney receives the required documents from the investor after ensuring their completeness, along with electronic signature confirmation (Token), or reviews registration requests submitted through the electronic portal. The required documents include:

A certificate from the commercial register indicating the company's name (for joint-stock and limited liability companies) or suggestions for the company name for limited liability companies.
A bank certificate confirming the deposit of at least 10% of the company's issued capital (for joint-stock and shareholding companies).
A certificate from a licensed central depository company stating the deposit of securities for joint-stock and shareholding companies at the Central Depository and Registry Company. In the case of limited liability companies, the bank deposit is optional for investors, provided it is at least 100% of the total capital, with a minimum of EGP 50,000.
Power of attorney documents (in original) in case the establishment is carried out by a legal representative. This includes:All founders for joint-stock companies (at least three founders).
All partners for limited liability companies (at least two partners, up to 50 partners).
The entity's owner.
The power of attorney should clearly state the purpose of establishing the companies and signing the founding contracts before the notary public.
Copies of valid and clear identification documents for founders, partners, or the entity's owner, as well as the investor's legal representative (with the original available for review).National ID for Egyptians.
Passports for foreigners.
An original acceptance of appointment from the auditor, stamped with the auditor's seal (if registered in the authority's database), or an original certificate of registration in the accountants and auditors registry for review by the General Authority for Investment in case of non-registration in the authority's database.
A valid membership card for the legal advisor for financial companies, with at least an appeal grade.
Security clearance inquiry forms for foreign founders or partners (with their images on a CD).
Approval from the relevant authority if any of the company's purposes require a special approval according to applicable laws and regulations ("pre-approval").
After preparing the required documents, the specialized attorney performs the following steps:Enters the contract and articles of association data of the intended company on the contract form according to the legal form of the company and the relevant law.
Issues the establishment request form, the contract, and electronically signs them.
Prepares a certificate to the General Authority for Financial Supervision to approve the issuance of founding shares (for joint-stock and shareholding companies only).
Transfers the company's file to the establishment follow-up department at the Investment Services Sector to complete the establishment procedures on behalf of the client with external entities according to the establishment follow-up work instructions.
Receives the company's file from the establishment follow-up department after verifying the contract's endorsement by the Lawyers Syndicate and registering it with the notary public for all companies. As for joint-stock and shareholding companies, approval from the General Authority for Financial Supervision on the issuance of founding shares and the initial registration certificate in the central depository.
Issues a certificate of establishment for all companies for accreditation.
The establishment file is referred to the establishment follow-up employees to complete the registration procedures in the commercial registry and other relevant authorities.
The above-mentioned steps and procedures are part of the process of establishing companies and entities in Egypt according to the applicable laws and regulations.

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